World Hotel Management

Company Background

WHM  founded in 2014, office in London , UK . WHM  is a management company that has established itself provides a management services  to  renowned hotels  and luxury residence apartments throughout the UK.

We operate with a small but highly efficient management team, keeping our overheads down and our pricing competitive.

WHM is the newly based  London’s prominent hotel support services company, providing the hospitality industry with top rated services and staff from Concierge, Porters, Room attendants to Executive housekeepers.

Our Aim

Our aim is to deliver consistent high quality services to our customers.

Our Mission & Values

WHM’s mission is to continue to enhance and grow our reputation as one of the nation's most respected hospitality management companies.  We will do this by exceeding client expectations.

Respect: We value each other and our clients

Honesty: We are genuine and open in our communication and business practices

Commitment to Quality: We deliver services and products that exceed our client expectations

Creativity: We listen, encourage and support different approaches as we continually strive to improve